Just arrived at my home!I feel exhausted and i missed everyone! But i have my own place and i feel good about it!

Tomorrow i’m going to Xanthi , i went to my grandpa to say bye.I ‘m going to miss him soooo much! Also my sister moved to France and i miss her too! I hope everything will be alright tomorrow.

Everything is fine.I feel sad, on wednesday i will move permenatly in Xanthi..

Right now i’m in Athens, in a few days i will travel to Xanthi because the classes will start. So the first thing that i will do is draw a lot of stuff and listen to some good music. I think that it will be hard for me cause i don’t know anybody there and also i won’t have internet access  or a tv to keep me company.


So my journey started in 31 of August when i found out that i got in an architecture university that’s really away from my home,family and friends.I found a home and i moved in. I think it’s a bittersweet experience and i would like to share my feelings with you.From now on i will try to post some little things that i want you to now from my everyday life